Monday, February 1, 2010

January's assesment

Let's talk about January.

Was it as successful as I wanted it to be? No. But there are good things to report.

First, I lost an inch around my thighs. For the pear shaped woman this is a beautiful thing. I credit the Leslie Sanson walking DVD I've been doing. I use the walk belt as well, and it's good at keeping it real for me. I just hope that I won't re injure my knee and I can keep at things this week.

Second. I only lost 4 pounds over the course of the month, but I will say being able to wear my wedding ring again more than makes up for that!! :) Today I tipped the scales at 200#s even. That means if I am a good egg, I will crack back into the 190s this week, the mental push that will give me will be super!!

Third, my blood pressure is not as low as I would like it, but it's in the 120/80s range more than the 130s & 140s these days. My goal is to get it to be consistently in the 120s.

Fourth, my good eating habits have transferred to my son. What kid likes tomatoes, zucchini and fruit only? My kid that's who. I'm proud to say a french fry had yet to cross his lips.

Finally, with February there is hope. Hope that the snow will melt and that we will again be outside walking and enjoying the landscape.

On with the month then!

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