Thursday, May 20, 2010

A good cookie

Hello weightloss blog....

I have been a good cookie while away.

I am down 2 #s this week. But sort of in a round about way. Let's just say I had some gastrointestinal distress over the weekend, which took away all deisre to eat anything more than rice chex. Seriously, it was not good.

The other thing is this I have been craving carbs like nobody's business this week. I don't know what my problem is, but if it's made out of a grain I will eat it. Despite that I'm still down pounds.

I find that loosing even one or two pounds does wonders for my mind and my desire to keep on keepin' on....

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mid April update

I've been having a good week....the events of last week aside.

We were sick with a stomach bug and all were in a bad way. Now that our appetites are back though, I've been good.

I've cracked the 200 threashold and am now down into the 190s. For some reason that just does wonders for my mentality. It just does! So far I am down 4 pounds for the month. I'm on track to meet my monthy goal of 5 pound loss.

So today we'll go out and walk and I'll do a 15 min toning video.

I've also been really good about not eating sweets and treats. Just really good.

So things are buzzing along! :)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

March assesment

I know there were no updates in March.

Reason: sick mom, sick dad, sick baby. We traded sick for about 4 weeks and it was not fun or pretty.

I did however lose ONE pound. My measurements stayed the same.

Time to get serious.

I'm just not eating sugar, or treats at all. Not even my weekly treat from the store (which really was turning into an almost daily treat).

We also found out that our son has a peanut allergy. That has been a blessing and put us on an interesting new path. First, he is only peanut allergic, but because so many things are processed with peanuts, many things have been cut out of our diet. However most of these things fall into the chips, crackers, candy group, so really no big loss. Anything with chocolate is out too. Most mass produced candy that you'd find on a holiday isle is cross contaminated. So that is totally out too. I have found websites that do seel peanut/tree nut free candy etc, and I'm sure we'll be patronizing those eventually.

The peanut allergy really put Easter into perspective. We did not have a basket full of candy. We made some homemade sugar cookies -- that's all. It was fun and they were ymmy too. We also decided that everyone will be peanut free so it really is going to cut alot of junk out of all of our lives.

The other thing about a peanut allergy is if we want treats I will have to make them and since I really am not into baking and dessert making, that's not going to happen all that often.

So it's all good.

So on to April. I've exercised everyday for a week and have managed not to injure myself either. I'm going to keep on this. My goal for April is to lose 5 pounds. If I can lose 5 pounds a month I will be at my prepreganancy weight in 3 months and I can and do want to keep going. Perhaps getting even farther down the scale if and when we try to have another baby.

So there you go....on ward and down ward, without a peanut either.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

February Assesment

February was unremarkable as far as health and fitness goals go.

I start March exactly where I began February.

But I guess when your Granny dies, you're injured, and sick for half of the time, you shouldn't expect much.

At least I'm in the same place.

I have more hope for March.

Monday, February 1, 2010

January's assesment

Let's talk about January.

Was it as successful as I wanted it to be? No. But there are good things to report.

First, I lost an inch around my thighs. For the pear shaped woman this is a beautiful thing. I credit the Leslie Sanson walking DVD I've been doing. I use the walk belt as well, and it's good at keeping it real for me. I just hope that I won't re injure my knee and I can keep at things this week.

Second. I only lost 4 pounds over the course of the month, but I will say being able to wear my wedding ring again more than makes up for that!! :) Today I tipped the scales at 200#s even. That means if I am a good egg, I will crack back into the 190s this week, the mental push that will give me will be super!!

Third, my blood pressure is not as low as I would like it, but it's in the 120/80s range more than the 130s & 140s these days. My goal is to get it to be consistently in the 120s.

Fourth, my good eating habits have transferred to my son. What kid likes tomatoes, zucchini and fruit only? My kid that's who. I'm proud to say a french fry had yet to cross his lips.

Finally, with February there is hope. Hope that the snow will melt and that we will again be outside walking and enjoying the landscape.

On with the month then!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Just Saying No

I wasinvited to a small lunch yesterday. It was all good till they brought out the ice cream and mini-eclairs.

Anyway....I think it's easier to socialize in big groups that way no one notices if you don't eat something and thus feelings are spared that you are opting out of dessert.

How do you say No when there are only 4 people at the party and you don't want to hurt anyone's feelings?

Ah well, more excercise then and better choices today I suppose.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Arizona Girls Don't Winter Well: Week 3

Oh, last week was hard. Very hard.

There was a "cream cheese frosting" incident on Sunday which left me with a huge stomach ache and absolutely not wanting anything sweet for a long while. Perhaps that is a good thing.

Needless to say, I gained some weight last week. However, I was really good yesterday and came in under points. WW always says to eat all of your points every day. I disagree. If you are at the end of the day with left over points, and are full and satisfied, why keep eating? Wouldn't that be the better option?

That in combination with doing a longer exercise session helped me lose the pounds I gained. If I can keep this up for the week, I will crack back into the 190s and be even closer to my end goal. I am hoping for that.

The best thing would be for the world to melt, January to be over and the spring to be on it's way. The Arizona girl does not winter well.