Saturday, April 10, 2010

March assesment

I know there were no updates in March.

Reason: sick mom, sick dad, sick baby. We traded sick for about 4 weeks and it was not fun or pretty.

I did however lose ONE pound. My measurements stayed the same.

Time to get serious.

I'm just not eating sugar, or treats at all. Not even my weekly treat from the store (which really was turning into an almost daily treat).

We also found out that our son has a peanut allergy. That has been a blessing and put us on an interesting new path. First, he is only peanut allergic, but because so many things are processed with peanuts, many things have been cut out of our diet. However most of these things fall into the chips, crackers, candy group, so really no big loss. Anything with chocolate is out too. Most mass produced candy that you'd find on a holiday isle is cross contaminated. So that is totally out too. I have found websites that do seel peanut/tree nut free candy etc, and I'm sure we'll be patronizing those eventually.

The peanut allergy really put Easter into perspective. We did not have a basket full of candy. We made some homemade sugar cookies -- that's all. It was fun and they were ymmy too. We also decided that everyone will be peanut free so it really is going to cut alot of junk out of all of our lives.

The other thing about a peanut allergy is if we want treats I will have to make them and since I really am not into baking and dessert making, that's not going to happen all that often.

So it's all good.

So on to April. I've exercised everyday for a week and have managed not to injure myself either. I'm going to keep on this. My goal for April is to lose 5 pounds. If I can lose 5 pounds a month I will be at my prepreganancy weight in 3 months and I can and do want to keep going. Perhaps getting even farther down the scale if and when we try to have another baby.

So there you go....on ward and down ward, without a peanut either.

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