Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Arizona Girls Don't Winter Well: Week 3

Oh, last week was hard. Very hard.

There was a "cream cheese frosting" incident on Sunday which left me with a huge stomach ache and absolutely not wanting anything sweet for a long while. Perhaps that is a good thing.

Needless to say, I gained some weight last week. However, I was really good yesterday and came in under points. WW always says to eat all of your points every day. I disagree. If you are at the end of the day with left over points, and are full and satisfied, why keep eating? Wouldn't that be the better option?

That in combination with doing a longer exercise session helped me lose the pounds I gained. If I can keep this up for the week, I will crack back into the 190s and be even closer to my end goal. I am hoping for that.

The best thing would be for the world to melt, January to be over and the spring to be on it's way. The Arizona girl does not winter well.

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